Our mission is to provide additional support for ID clinicians that is not addressed by hospitals – characterization of resistant/ rare pathogens, access to clinical stage compounds, and guidance on treatment with newly-available agents and combination therapies

  • Improve current clinical treatment of complicated infections
    • Access to sophisticated sensitivity testing for multidrug-resistant strains to identify effective treatments
    • Clinical treatment protocols to expand use of approved therapies with a narrow initial use indication
    • Access to late-stage clinical compounds with expanded access (compassionate use) programs through industry collaborators
  • Improve future treatments for complicated infections
    • Epidemiological data on occurrence of multidrug resistant pathogens, sensitivity to compounds, etc – may support future drug development and regulatory decisions
    • Bank samples with anonymous clinical info – available for research purposes (MOAs, new drug development, “shelved” compounds)
    • Ability to see new organisms and resistant strains as they develop will allow research and planning for future pandemics and “problematic” organisms

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